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UCSD Cal-IT2 Hosts MSI-CIEC Workshop

UCSD Cal-IT2 Hosts MSI-CIEC Workshop

June 9-10, 2010

The UCSD California Institute for Telecommunications and Information TEchnology (Cal-IT2) will host representatives of the MSI-CIEC community June 9-10, 2010 as part of the Greenlight Project.

The Greenlight Project development team will work with Geoffrey Fox, Director of the Community Grids Laboratory at Indiana University, and with Heidi Alvarez of Florida International University to actively bring the MSI-CIEC groups into UCSD courses via videoconferencing, to campus with hands-on access through summer workshops, and to participate in research via mentored net access. Both groups, through interactions with the MSI-CIEC, seek to increase the rate of discovery for science students and faculty by empowering them with CI and GRID information resources, fostering inter-disciplinary research, and improving the effectiveness of minority graduate education. The MSI-CIEC reaches over 335 minority-serving institutions. The workshops will feature lectures on the frontiers of green cyberinfrastructure, the hardware, software and middleware of the GreenLight Instrument. Participants will engage in working groups to provide feedback on the project's development and outreach plans going forward.

Visit the Greenlight Project web site for details: